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About Us
RAK City Guide
Since 1996, RAK City Guide, a RAK-friendly e-portal owned by Cyber Gear, has been an active on-line guide for residents and tourists of RAK. Bringing forth Latest news, City happenings, F&B promos, Sales, Art events, RAK Images and Videos, Movie timings and much more; RAK City Guide is hugely popular for its up-to-date and neatly classified information. The ease of use of the website and the fresh look on each page, make it as vibrant as the city itself.

Apart from the constantly updated info on RAK's happenings, RAK City Guide also includes guides like tourist information, things to do, essential guides, automobile guide, shopping malls, souks guide, hotel and restaurant info and contacts, leisure & travel info, education guide, employment guide etc.

'RAK Times', a fortnightly newsletter from RAK City Guide, reaches out to more than 45,000 subscribers. Latest happenings, watch-out-for events, latest news are delivered into the mail boxes of the users. 'RAK Times' surely know how to keep its subscribers 'ahead of times'. The mobile version acts as a pocket guide to tourists and residents alike.

With over one million visitors every month to the website, it is surely an advertiser's haven. Also, advertisers can choose which page they would like to target according to their products or the site statistics. (another e-portal of Cyber Gear) serves banner advertising on RAKCityGuide with a Do-it-Yourself approach for advertisers.
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RAK City Guide
P.O. Box 53735
RAK, United Arab Emirates

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Tel : +971 4 3312627, Fax: +971 4 3318812
About Cyber Gear
Since its inception in 1996, Cyber Gear has been scaling greater heights every year and continues to have a successful journey in the e-Business industry. Positioned as an industry leader, Cyber Gear is the brand behind many award winning web projects and offers state-of-the-art web services to multinational, government and local organizations in the Middle East.
At Cyber Gear, customer satisfaction comes first. The award winning team of professionals; strive to produce exceptional quality of Internet solutions for their customers. Industry standards and best practices are diligently followed and incorporated into every project. For they believe that their success is when their customers are successful.
Winning awards, accolades from customers, embracing change and innovation are the way of life at Cyber Gear. The brand proudly celebrates the diversity of people, ideas and cultures.
Cyber Gear has been expanding its presence in the Middle East with its hugely successful e-portals like ,, and Opt-in e-mail marketing and SMS advertising in 14 Middle East countries speak the success story of Cyber Gear. , another successful e-portal from Cyber Gear has made a huge mark with advertisers for its vast web presence and easy to advertise techniques. 2009 saw Cyber Gear meet another milestone in advertising with the launch of low cost self serving advertising e-portal The do-it-yourself theme and the ease of the application have caught the attention of many advertisers.
Cyber Gear has a socially responsible corporate culture and stands up for the Green cause and protection of environment., the green e-portal of Cyber Gear aims to educate the community about the green culture and encourages by bringing forward successful green stories and products available in the market.
The other e-portals like and, are complete reference guides on Abu Dhabi and Dubai remain hugely popular with the tourists and the residents. With updates on latest news, hotel and restaurant promotions, events, listings, shopping and entertainment, cater to the diverse culture of these cultural hubs.