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8 Inquiries Before Picking A Cargo Shipping Solution And Logistics Company In UAE

A Cargo freight company is one of the main stakeholders in transporting goods. The cargo agents are responsible for picking and transporting goods through air freight, shipping, train, and trucking terminals and docks. The freight agents make sure that loads are picked up and delivered on time. Also, it’s the responsibility of the cargo agent to complete the paper paperwork and collect the fees. While choosing a cargo shipping and logistics company in the UAE make sure to check whether the company is offering reasonable and market competitive prices. Whether the time to reach the destination is reasonable and in real time? The services they provide are customer friendly. In addition, how much is the safety of the goods provided?    

You would definitely want to track your order of shipment. Consistent service, cost efficiency and in-time service are some of the key factors. You must deal with a trustworthy Cargo shipping company when it comes to international freight. To convey your package through safe hands, you must ask your freight forwarding company some important questions before engaging. 

1- Do You Handle the Goods I Demand to Ship?

The first and foremost important question regarding selecting the freight is whether they handle the shipping of the goods you want to cargo. If yes, you can go with further detailing. If the company does not ship the required goods, then there is no means or debate further. It may be furniture, fragile items or some other items which are not carried by every cargo or the logistics company in UAE.

2- What Services Do You Provide?

While handing over your intangible or expensive material to cargo by a shipping company, you would ask them what services they provide? Either they are going with Roll-on roll-off (ro-ro) or going with full or partial containers. Both are suitable for their own types of vehicle and goods. The client has to be clear about the shipping services while dealing with any cargo shipping company in UAE.

While reviewing a cargo shipping company in UAE, you should also discuss whether they provide additional services like onward shipping, storage, and collection, tracking etc. You will get satisfied regarding the safety of your goods if the company provides extra shipping services.

3) How Expert is Cargo Company?

Experience matters alot as you can’t trust an inexperienced or new company when it comes to shipping your goods internationally. Ask them about the experience of a logistics company in UAE. How do they shift the goods systematically while keeping safety and fragility in mind?

4) How Long Will the Process Take?

You should ask the Cargo shipping company in UAE, how long will it take for the package to reach the destination port? The origin port and the destination port make the main difference in the time to deliver the goods. What is the process, through which it will pass and reach the final destination? What will be the estimated arrival date of the package?

5) What’s Covered in the Cost?

The client must inquire of the company about the price and service for your package. It is quite possible that some services may miss in the main quote. Ask them to provide the quote with all the services they provide and add the price of additional services you want from them like the collection etc. The main concern of the client should also be the payment method of a particular cargo shipping company in UAE, and the currencies they accept. Be very clear about the cost and the charges which are applied by any logistics company in UAE. So, you don’t have to pay off in the long run.

6) Are Any Insurance Claims Available?

When the goods are shipped internationally, the possibility of damage or loss or whatever other casualty is added. The insurance can allow you the recovery of your expensive goods if damaged. While visiting the cargo shipping company in UAE, ask them if they are providing the insurance as an add-on service. If yes, well and good. If no, make sure to arrange it by yourself to keep the goods safe.

7) Are You Accredited?

If the company follows the high standards of the shipment, you can trust them wildly. Here accredited means that the company which you are choosing is following the high standard of logistics. The logistics company in UAE must have high knowledge of the logistics industry. Make sure that your shipment company must be a member of any high-rank association.

8) Who’s Responsible for Completing Documentation?

If the paperwork is done by the cargo company for the export and import, your headache of sending the goods is all shifted to the cargo shipping company in UAE and you feel relaxed. The client just has to give the proper information about the goods and the addresses and the other facts and figures. All the other paperwork is done by the company. Being a client, you should ask the logistics company in Dubai if they are doing the documentation by themselves. It will help the client.

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